Kitchen and Bathroom Repairs

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kitchen and bathroom installation

We offer a range of services from full kitchen and bathroom installation to repairs. If you’re based in Leicestershire, you can call our courteous and efficient plumbers for any issue, from hot water problems to kitchen leaks.
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Repairing toilet leaks and overflow

We have experience fixing all sorts of bathroom problems, including burst sink pipes and sewerage issues such as toilet leaks or overflows. Our plumbers can be with you 24/7 to provide a fast, friendly service.
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Shower fitting and pumps

Whether you’d like a new shower fitted or simply want to boost the power of your existing one, we can help. Our shower fittings give you a professional result, and you can now turn any shower into a power shower when we install a shower pump.
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Helping with hot water problems

Problems with your hot water tank or immersion heater? Our skilled plumbers can identify the fault in your system and carry out effective repairs in no time.

Installing your dishwasher or washing machine

Make sure that your new dishwasher or washing machine is properly connected to avoid kitchen leaks and damage to your home. Our installation service ensures that there are no blockages or connection issues so your white goods can work as they should.
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