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Converting to renewable energy

We offer installation on high quality, effective renewable energy systems for your home n Leicestershire. Switching to a renewable energy source for your heating is an environmentally friendly way to save money and improve your home efficiency.
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Air to air source heat pumps

Greensource Air to Air Heat Pumps convert the free, sustainable latent energy in the air outside into heating and hot water for your home. Not only is this green, energy efficient, and low-cost, but it is also ideal for smaller homes or apartments. The only requirement for installation is an external wall.
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Air to water heat pumps

Worcester Greensource also offers an air to water heat pump system, available for installation in your home in Leicestershire. Using advanced sustainable technology, these systems use the energy in the air to power a refrigerant circuit, which is designed to be the sole source of heating and hot water production for your home. Cost effective and incredibly efficient, this renewable energy system could transform your home.
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Solar heating as an alternative energy source

Lower your hot water bills by choosing a solar heating system. These can typically produce between 50% and 70% of your hot water requirements, cutting down on heating costs and using the sustainable power of the sun as an alternative energy source.

Ground source heat pumps

The sun’s heat is always absorbed by the ground, no matter the weather, and the underground temperature generally maintains a 12 degree average. Harnessing this power through a ground source heat pump gives a constant supply of hot water. Using this renewable energy is both amazingly efficient and environmentally friendly, and we offer an easy, competitively priced installation process.
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